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Digital Marketing Analytics Reports

Our Digital Marketing analysts will provide the strategy behind the marketing campaign, analyze the results, and relay results, successes/failures/surprises, and ultimately, the ROI to leadership (CMO for example); also research digital marketing trends (PPC advertising, email marketing best practices, for example), and how they can relate to company goals. Then, we will develop strategies for growth, assess new campaign/client targets and build out demand generation programs with the goal of generating campaign success, increasing online presence, and driving ROI.

When a business is investing resources in digital marketing campaigns, it's imperative to measure the results of these campaigns. Our marketing team will do research to provide analytic reports periodically that will get precise measurable information to make the best decisions for your business goals.

  • Google analytics report 

  • Facebook analytics report 

  •  Monthly report % analysis.

  • Marketing campaign reports 

Business Understanding

In this first stage, our team will define the marketing goals by understanding the specifics of the business needs. We will focus on the marketing strategies exploring what digital marketing data works better for the specific industry and competitors' market.


In the final stage, our team will analyze the right data resolving the questions made in the first stage. This lets us know the suggesteded

business needs to make the best decision for the marketing campaigns. Our team will send you all of these metrics in the analytics reports periodically.

Data Preparation

The key of this stage is the creation of a data set that can be used for the analysis. In general, creating this data involves choosing data sources from some platforms such as Google and Social Media analytics. Then, our team will clean and integrate data.


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