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Boysenberry Lab was established in 2015. The work produced at this Vancouver Lab encompasses a wide range of design disciplines, print production and digital development.

The Lab is a creative, dynamic, lively place to experiment and discover, design, and develop branding & visual strategies from concept to production to fulfill our customers' expectations to effectively communicate the message to their clients.


The studio works for corporate and small businesses, sole proprietorships, individuals, and not-for-profit organizations. We create logos, stationery, brochures, branding, websites development, 3D and virtual showroom, social media management and professional marketing strategies, SEO, SEM.


In the field of material production, B Lab has the capability to provide the client with a very high-quality printing service, as well as full signage production and installation.


YES, we know ... we are a ONE stop place to cover all our clients Branding and Marketing needs, from concept to development and production.


Claudia González-Zamora

La Jefa

Claudia has a BA degree in Graphic Communication Design from UAM University in Mexico City. She studied Arts, Languages, and Computer  Design at Foothill College in Silicon Valley.  In 2006 she emigrated to Canada's west coast. Since then, she has worked in Vancouver as a Graphic & Brand Designer, Printer and Project Manager.

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The SEO Nerd

David is an economist with a post-degree in project evaluation planning. He has worked in areas related to market research, finance and business analysis. Nowadays, he works in the digital marketing area focusing on SEO and optimization A/B testing.


Ana Valeria Lizárraga de la Cruz

The newby

Ana came from Sinaloa, Mexico to Vancouver to study Digital Arts and persue her dreams as a 3D Artist.


Adolfo Roberto Zambrana 

The Magician

Roberto is an illustrator and 3D artist with a degree in Graphic Design and in Animation at UNIVA University. He is an expert in graphic representation and presentation of product development, artistic, architectural and engineering projects in both, the traditional way as blueprints, and static render, as well as interactive format as virtual reality and tours, and animation. He has wide experience in 3D printing and programming.

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The Social Media Guru

Luisa has two completed degrees: one in animation (CEDIM) and one in marketing (UVEM). She moved to Vancouver to study the Classical Animation and the Digital Character Animation programs at VFS. She specialized in the areas of ​​digital design and social media.

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